HYTORC HY-EX 3-Stage Electric Pumps are the backbone of an intrinsically safe bolting system. The pump is licensed to EU-Directive 2014/34/EU (Atex 100a) class: 2014/34/EU. These pumps are equipped with a calibrated gauge with certificate and a 15-ft (5m) remote control. An optional 4-tool adapter is also available.

Pump Features

Power 115v, 230v, 400v
Gauge 0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity 2 gals. / 7.5 l
Stages 3
Oil Flow Rate 50 Hz - 55-510 cu.in/min.
0,9-8,0 l/min.
Oil Flow Rate 60 Hz - 65-620 cu.in/min.
1,1-10 l/min.
Amperage 20 AMP (115V) / 9 AMP (230V) / 2.5 Amp (400v))
Oil Cooler No

Technical Data

115v (20 Amp), 230v (9 Amp), 400v (2,5 Amp)
Data Recording
0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity
2 gals. / 7.5 l
112 lbs / 51 kg – without oil (400v)
157 lbs / 71 kg – without oil (115/230v)
Maximum Oil Flow Rate 1,000 PSI / 70 bar
50 Hz 510 cu.in/min. - 8,0 l/min.
60 Hz 620 cu.in/min. - 10 l/min.
High Oil Flow Rate 10,000 PSI / 700 bar
50 Hz 55 cu.in/min. - 0,9 l/min. 60 Hz 65 cu.in/min. - 1,1 l/min.
Middle Oil Flow Rate 4,000 PSI / 300 bar
50 Hz 100 cu.in/min. - 1,6 l/min. 60 Hz 120 cu.in/min. - 2,0 l/min.
Oil Cooler



Backup Wrenches Interchangeable spanners from 1-7/16" to 3 1/8".
bolt tensioning methods
Reaction Fixtures Standard & customized solutions for every type of application.
Sockets High strength and impact resistant hex and Allen sockets.
Offset Link Offset links For limited clearance. Perfect for plate heat exchangers.
Frog Bolt Lock-nut effect reduces chance of loosening due to high vibration.

Time Savings

ANSI Flange time calculator and Multi-Bolt calculator.
Determine just how much efficiency gains you can make by using HYTORC Parallel Joint Closure.
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